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Costa del Sol


The Region of Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol - the 'Coast of the Sun' - is located on the south of Spain, and covers the coastal and inland areas of Malaga Province, Andalusia. This 150 kilometer stretch of coast has been truend from small fishing villages to one of Spain most popular tourism areas.

The region was settled in the Bronze Age, and since then, has been taken over by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths and Moors, before the Catholic Kings took it back.

The main airport is Malaga Airport, just to the west of Malaga city, and easily reachable by road or rail. And Malaga now has high speed trains running all the way to Madrid and beyond. For more details of the area, visit our page on Malaga Province

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As in every country, there are different ways to view the regions. The official way, is via the Communities.

Spain is divided up into a number of autonomous communities (see the map of Spain on the right), each with its own regional assembly, giving each one a certain amount of independence from the central government in Madrid. The amount of independence gives cause to many political arguments.

An alternative view might be to consider the regions by their commercial activities. The two powerhouses are Madrid, and Barcelona. Barcelona tends to attract the more 'arty' types of business. The north and west of Spain are wet, by comparison, so this differentiates it from the central areas, which tend to be drier and flatter. And of course, the coasts, or costas, attract holidaymakers.

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