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Site LanguagePrada de Antienza in Pradena de Atienza

The name of this beautiful town comes from pradena (from the Latin "prader anus", which means distant meadow) and Atienza, because it is located within the geographic and administrative limits of Atienza. It is located at the end of the central mountain system, within the Community of Castille Mancha, to the north of the province of Guadalajara, almost bordering with the provinces of Soria the north, and Segovia to the northwest.

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Site LanguageToledo, La Mancha and Windmills in Toledo

Our last stage of our adventure was La Mancha and Toledo - deep into Quixote territory. It is tough to overemphasise how much an influence the Ingenious Hidalgo has had on this area - especially in this the 400th anniversary of the first edition. We apologise for the number of windmill photos but we loved these ones too much to discard. Toledo is an interesting city built on steel and the Church (sometimes together) until Madrid became more significant. It still is rich in history - and some great food shops.

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