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Site LanguageAmeriSpan Study Abroad

Study Spanish and languages abroad with AmeriSpan. Amerispan started out as Spanish specialists in Spain and in Latin America, and have now applied their expertise to many other languages and regions. Created in 1993 for and by lovers of travel, language immersion, and cultures. Started as a two person operation with a real passion for Latin America, they have grown to be one of the leaders in study abroad and educational travel with over 25,000 past clients.

Language in Spain - Free Spanish Lessons website screenshot
Site LanguageFree Spanish Lessons

Free Spanish language and vocabulary lessons on CD-ROM, and online, with other courses available for purchase. Includes downloadable lesson plans for learning from home.

Language in Spain - Italian Tutors website screenshot
Site LanguageItalian Tutors is a non-profit web site created for adult students, who wish to find a tutor of their choice, and freelance tutors looking for new students. Donatello at is an educational consultant who can help adult students to find qualified and experienced Italian tutors.

Language in Spain - IdioMalaga Language School website screenshot
Site LanguageIdioMalaga Language School

If you want to learn Spanish well and do it quickly, you must do it in a Spanish school located in a Spanish speaking country. So if you are going to do that, why not do it in the best city in Spain - Malaga! Here you can alternate your studies and holidays in perfect harmony.

Language in Spain - Estepona: Private Spanish classes website screenshot
Site LanguageEstepona: Private Spanish classes

Private classes in Estepona (Malaga, Spain) with an emphasis on conversational Spanish. Brief grammatical explanations are given, and then immediately put into practice in a conversational question / answer format. The main emphasis is to enable the student to become fluent in conversational Spanish, in a relaxed, supportive class environment. In order to ensure quality, a maximum of 3 students are allowed in one class. Special arrangements can be made if you form your own group for the lessons.

Language in Spain - Study Spanish and Surf website screenshot
Site LanguageStudy Spanish and Surf

Learn Spanish and Surf Six Spanish Language Schools offering intensive Spanish language combined with surfing lessons. Study Spanish abroad in Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico Spain

Site LanguageLearn Spanish with Spanish Cafezine

Spanish Cafezine

Grab a coffee and improve your Spanish

Inspired by the conversations in Spanish cafeterias, Spanish Cafezine is a free online magazine for people interested in Spain, its language and its culture. The pages of the site are set out as any café or tapas bar, so you can read the latest news in Spanish in the Cafezine section, or browse through the bookshelf, try out some music at the jukebox, or chat to other regulars. The news articles are all written in Spanish with the learner in mind and come with a full English-Spanish glossary. But that’s not all. Visit ‘The Bar’ and for the price of a coffee you can download ‘El Mensual’, the PDF version of the online magazine, which comes with supporting games, puzzles, comprehensions, exercises and more. By printing it out and having a go at the exercises, your Spanish will soon get be good enough to talk about the subjects the Spaniards are talking about.

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