Petrola, Albacete

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map of Petrola
Map of Petrola

Sunrise at 6:48 AM,
Sunset at 21:18 PM

Petrola is located in the province of Albacete, in the Community of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Nearby towns include Corral Rubio (8 km away) - Hoya Gonzalo (14 km away) - Pozo Canada (16 km away) - Chinchilla de Monte Aragon (17 km away) - Bonete (18 km away). Nearest airports are - Albacete, (29 km away) (All distances direct, not road distance).

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P├ętrola is a municipality in Albacete, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It has a population of 877. Very famous because of its salted water lake, the economy is mainly based in agriculture (cereals and vines) and farming, lambs and ships mainly. 35 km far from Albacete, capital of the province. In summer time it's population increases till near 2000 people due to the tourists, most of them sons of the people that emigrate. La cremita is the only night club in there, patricio's pub is the only pub abailable every day and there are some others bars like Almendros, La topera and el chiringuito, opened only in summertime. Juan is the name of the mayor; member of the partido popular political part There are more remarkable people there like el toty, la petra, sanchez, and many other artists, some of them Old glories like monre and wisy.

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