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Site LanguageWelcome to Marbella ( 2449 visits so far )

Whats more to say, you are on your way to Marbella for the first time ever, do you go out on a discovery or would you like to know more about the place? Welcome to Marbella has views, reviews, pictures and descriptions of the best places, shops, restaurants, and more within the Marbella community.

Site LanguageCanjayar Information (Independent) ( 1710 visits so far ) offers information on fiestas, history, places of interest and includes photo albums and maps. One map allows you to work out a route to Canjayar while another shows where to eat, where to stay and where to shop for things traditional of the Alpujarras. Contact details are included for each of the premises. There is also a contact form, where questions in both English and Spanish are answered. is an unofficial site and only in Spanish, however it complements the official site (and there are no adverts!).

Site LanguageOnline Guide to Calpe ( 4131 visits so far )

Calpe Online 24 is the only comprehensive guide to Calpe, including news, events, property, rentals, restaurants & business directory.

Site LanguageContact Expats ( 1449 visits so far )

Contact expats worldwide through our network.

Site LanguageSpanish Fiestas ( 1422 visits so far )

Spanish Fiestas is a private limited company which employs Kirsty and Gerry full time offering a whole range of travel related services in Spain. Over the years they've developed valuable partnerships with other agencies and work closely with them in offering a continuously expanding selection of activities all over the country.

Many years of travelling around Spain have provided thjem with invaluable knowledge of our destinations. They are constantly adding new information to their website which is now in the region of 2000 pages of valuable content which includes great recommendations on where to go, what to do, where to stay and where to eat.

Site Language#1 Search Spain in English ( 1957 visits so far )

Search Spain In English for Information about Spain, Alist services on the Costa del Sol, Area guides, book shop and lots of handy tools. A text translator, the weather, a currency converter, a unit converter, the radio in English from Spain, the news about Spain and the times and cinemas you can see English films.

Site Languageexpat in Spain, real estate, relocation, insurance search engine ( 1852 visits so far )

ExpatFinder is a search engine for people preparing to move or working and living abroad. Search the web, blogs and expat forums on topics including housing, local expat community, serviced apartment, insurance, schools, international property, expatriate banking, international movers, culture shock or anything else you can think of!

Site LanguageAndalucia in Southern Spain for Holidays ( 1917 visits so far )

Andalucia for holidays covers region of Andalucia in the South of Spain. This covers from the Mediterranean Sea in Almeria to the Atlantic Ocean and Portuguese coast of Huelva, it's as diverse as its size with over 800 miles of coastline, from small rocky coves to long golden sandy beaches.

As a holiday destination Andalucia has more than enough to cater for every whim. This is the home of sherry, fiestas, music and flamenco. Vibrant sun-scorched cities offer their fascinating history and an education that spans the centuries of conflict between different races.

Jews, Moors, Romans and Visigoths all left their mark during the turbulent years and have produced a culture and way of life that every visitor falls in love with.

Site LanguageOrihuela Costa - El Portal de Orihuela Costa ( 2289 visits so far ) is the website of Orihuela Costa, and is a channel of communication to assist citizens and visitors, to allow them to learn more about the facilities and services within the Orihuela Costa area. On this website you can find information about interesting places within Orihuela Costa. Also, you can keep up to date about various activities in the Orihuela Costa area.

If you wish to provide information which may be of interest to the citizens of Orihuela Costa, or visitors to this area and you want to have it published on the website, then please send it to us and we will consider including it.

Site LanguageCoin Life ( 2665 visits so far )

Coinlife info has been created to promote some of the facilities, activities, special events, and services that might be of interest to the English speaking community living around Coin

Site LanguageLets Discover Spain ( 2107 visits so far )

Your travel guide to Spain with useful information for visitors and local residents alike. Make the most of your time in Spain with our information on travel, tours, sightseeing, hotels, and holidays. Wherever possible and appropriate we try to give you exact GPS coordinates of the places mentioned. You will also find links to online maps.

Site LanguageJimena Pulse ( 2736 visits so far )

This site is about Jimena de la Frontera, which is located in the Campo de Gibraltar, in the province of Cadiz, and is focused on this small village in the mountains. If you have a holiday home here, live here, or are just visiting Jimena, then there is something here for you.

Site LanguageManilva Life ( 2941 visits so far )

Information in English about Manilva, with local news, events, and businesses

Site LanguageLlodio Comercial ( 2094 visits so far )

Small businesses and traders in the area of Llodio. Some details of businesses such as bars, restaurants, old folks home, home decoration, etc.

Site LanguageFor people who live in and around Iznajar ( 1753 visits so far )

The site owners wanted to create a site that would be able to answer many of the questions that you might have - from where to go for a day out, to where find a baby sitter, where you could find a builder or electrician, or just where to buy your winter logs.

They admit that they haven't got the answers to everything yet, but if you ask them a question, they will try to find the answer for you. Also, if you have some information that you feel would be helpful please contact them and let them know.

Site LanguageExperience Barcelona as never before ( 2002 visits so far )

If you're looking for fun and unique things to do in Barcelona, from action packed activities like parachute jumping and formula 1 driving, to uniquely indulgent experiences like chocolate massages and luxury spa days, then check out Lifestyle Barcelona's unique experiences in and around the city. They are continually researching everything that this exciting city has to offer its locals and its visitors and everyday we uncover something new. Lifestyle Barcelona offers you a new dynamic way to have fun in the city.

Site LanguageBeginthier on the Costa Blanca ( 1981 visits so far )

Guide to sites about the Costa Blanca.

Site LanguageSan Jose el Valle ( 1984 visits so far )

The origin and history of San Jose del Valle, La Janda, dates back to the Muslim era, specifically the existence of "Hins Tanbul" fortress, thought to have been built on top of a settlement of Roman origin. San Jose del Valle was conquered by Christians in the fourteenth century. The remains show traces of the passing of Tartesians, Romans and Arabs.

Site LanguageLa Isal del Sur - San Fernando ( 4062 visits so far )

Information, forum, blog, etc., about San Fernando.

Site LanguageGuide to Jerez de la Frontera ( 1774 visits so far )

The cultural wealth of Jerez is due to the influence of the various civilisations which have flourished here in the city and whose heritage can be discovered simply by strolling through its streets. provides information about Jerez de la Frontera, a directory, a gallery of images, and a reservations system

Site LanguageTurre Online ( 1983 visits so far )

Information about the town of Turre, with information about some of the local businesses

Site LanguageEnjoy Barcelona with kids ( 2755 visits so far )

As a new parent living in Barcelona, Emma began to realise how much the city has to offer, both activity-wise and culturally, for children. She discovered parks that previously she had never been to, soft play centres that she did not know existed and of course all the less obvious shops that she could go to in order to find exactly what she needed. She also realised that she was missing out on family activities at the museums and art centres, children's shows and workshops that were regularly being organised around town as she did not have a central place to find them.

Site LanguageAsturias and the Picos de Europa ( 2158 visits so far )

Some of the most beautiful rural scenery in the whole of Spain can be found in Asturias. Not only the spectacular snow topped mountains, such as the Picos de Europa, but also the rolling foothills, deep valleys, and an outstanding coastline. Much of the area is protected landscape.

Situated on the north of the Iberian Peninsula, it is bounded to the north side by the Atlantic coast, and to the south by the majestic Cantabrian mountains.

The Picos de Europa are probably the best known mountain range of the area, but there are many other mountain ranges of outstanding beauty. The unspoilt Ponga mountain range to the west of the Picos de Europa, and the much smaller Sueve mountains close to the sea, where the famous Asturcon ponies still roam freely.

Site LanguageRota - Bahia de Cadiz ( 2133 visits so far )

Rota, strategically situated opposite Cadiz, at the entrance of the bay, has made it an attractive place for people of various different cultures for thousands of years.

The Tartesians and Phoenicians knew Rota as "Astaroth", which was a reference to the noise that was made by the sea on stormy nights as it breaks over the rocks of the reef.

In Roman times, the name was was Speculum Rotae, which was an allusion to the reflection of houses on the sea. The Arabs knew the town as Rabita Ruta. And finally, in the middle ages, this became Rota

Site LanguagePuerto de Noche - Nightlife Guide to El Puerto de Santa Maria ( 1846 visits so far )

If you want to squeeze every last drop of pleasure from your evening's entertainment then this is the site for you! Here you will find the very best that Puerto de Santa Maria has to offer. From a quiet retreat to celebrate a romantic evening to the most happening nightspots in the south of Spain... It's all here.

The complete guide to restaurants, bars

Site LanguageThe web site for the Alpujarras, south of Granada ( 1876 visits so far )

The region of Las Alpujarras is the area which contains the mountain villages on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada.  There are breathtakingly beautiful valleys,  and also gorges, which run down towards the coast.

The Alpujarra is well known for its ecological system, and is watered by the melting snow coming down from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The terraced lands that you find in this area are always a shade of green, and this is due to the constant supply of snow melt.

This small cluster of villages was one of the last strongholds of the Moors in Spain

Site LanguageCosta Del Sol information website ( 1660 visits so far )

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it's miles of beautiful sandy beaches and fantastic weather which have kept tourists flocking back year after year to resorts like Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Marbella. The Costa del Sol caters for young and old alike, offering a host of entertainment choices for the native and visitor alike.

The coast boasts one of the highest concentrations of world class golf courses, to the extent that it is often dubbed "The Costa del Golf". For families, there are theme parks, including water parks, go-karting, safari parks and many beautiful public gardens. For younger visitors the main areas of attraction are Benalmadena's Puerto Marina & '24 hour square' and Marbella's Puerto Banus. Both are very trendy and chic, but be warned the bars and clubs don't get busy until near midnight and stay open till dawn.

Site LanguageMalaga Tourism Information ( 2757 visits so far )

Information about the city of Malaga, a holiday resort, and seaport located in the south of Spain on the Mediterranean coast.  It is centre of the tourist region of the Costa del Sol.

Malaga is Picasso's birthplace, and is located on the coast of Andalucia.  With plenty of sunshine, and a wonder quality of light, Malaga is a city of swaying palms, wide boulevards, lively night life, exellent seafood restaurants, and good museums..

Site LanguageVillanueva del Rosario ( 2029 visits so far )

The main attractions of Villanueva del Rosario are the food, the environment, accommodation, handicrafts and customs.  The village has an unbeatable location, not too far from Malaga city, and just a few minutes from the towns of Archidona and Antequera, as well as being convenient for Granada.

The area has an extraordinary scenic beauty, which is provided by the Sierra Camarolos and Jobo, whose foothills, the Dehesa de Hondonero, are suitable for hiking and cycling.

Site LanguageAn alternative guide to bars and restaurants in Javea ( 1885 visits so far )

The guide to Javea is aimed at those who have little knowledge of this small (but rapidly growing), wonderful, seaside resort, which goes by the name of Jávea (Xábia). Javea is located on the Costa Blanca, and this site is also for those who know the place, but would like to try something new. Whether you are resident or visitor, you will be able to find a place that will suit your taste, where you can eat, drink and generally be merry.

Site LanguageGuide to Barcelona ( 2215 visits so far ) can be considered to be the best in travel service since 1996. The domain name has simplicity and relevance, they take notice of requests and information that surfers send in, makes visitors confident that they are being directed to the best services. The services are checked regularly by the editors - the whole idea being to make it easy to plan a visit to Barcelona.

Site LanguageSpain and it's background ( 1704 visits so far )

The web site is the interactive service "Si, Spain", version 3, and it promotes the free exchange of information on current affairs in Spain and the linguistic, cultural, and history of Spain. The new version is being up dated by the team who originally created the site as far back as May 1994.

Site LanguageBasque Portal ( 1752 visits so far )

A collection of links about the Pais Vasco, the Basque region of northern Spain

Site LanguageSpain Uncovered ( 2026 visits so far )

Links to various sites about Spain

Site LanguageMalaga Weather Channel ( 4219 visits so far ) is bringing live weather information for Malaga, Costa del Sol, webcam and weather statistics for Andalucia and the environs of southern Spain. The webcam images are taken with a Logitech webcam pointed at the beach on the outskirts of Malaga. The beach is one of the better beaches in the area and is used mainly by locals. The cam has been adjusted so that privacy for individuals should be maintained.

Site LanguageSpain Directory ( 2133 visits so far )

Directory of websites in Spain

Site LanguageAbout Malaga ( 2413 visits so far )

Malaga is the capital city of the Costa del Sol. It's international airport provides the gateway to all of the other towns of Andalusia. The airport of Malaga is one of the largest in Spain and in a single year can welcome as many as ten million visitors. Malaga also serves as a major port and industrial centre for Southern Spain. The entrance and exit from Malaga is made easy by the main N340 highway, and the local coastal rail service. There is a wonderful Festival of Three Kings in Malaga at the beginning of January each year, so don't forget to take the kids along if you're visiting during this time.

Site LanguagePueblos de Malaga ( 2452 visits so far )

Site LanguageBasque Country Tourism ( 3474 visits so far )

Basque Country Tourism is an association of the cities of Bilbao, San Sebastián, Vitoria, Zarautz and the three cities of the Bidasoa river estuary: Hondarribia, Hendaye and Irun. The purpose of our web site is to disseminate tourist information about the Basque Country and to allow users to create their own tailor-made visits.

Site LanguagePrada de Antienza ( 2616 visits so far )

The name of this beautiful town comes from pradena (from the Latin "prader anus", which means distant meadow) and Atienza, because it is located within the geographic and administrative limits of Atienza. It is located at the end of the central mountain system, within the Community of Castille Mancha, to the north of the province of Guadalajara, almost bordering with the provinces of Soria the north, and Segovia to the northwest.

Sadly, the site does not work with Firefox

Site LanguageMadridMan's Yankee Home Page ( 2355 visits so far )

Madrid, the capital of Spain, permanently changes a person after the first visit and allows one to leave his usual world behind. You could find yourself walking down a narrow cobblestone street, just pausing to look towards the cloudless, Velázquez sky. Overhead, countless flowering balconies line the walls of eighteenth century buildings. You hear the sounds of music in the plaza, just around the corner. Unusual voices fill your ears. You are in Madrid, the capital city of culture & family, energy & art, excitement & romance.

Site LanguageMalagaWeb - The Costa del Sol's Premier Tourist & Travel Guide ( 2173 visits so far )

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with it's miles of beautiful, sandy beaches, and fantastic weather. It has kept tourists flocking back year after year to resorts like Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella. The Costa del Sol caters for young and old alike, offering a host of entertainment choices for the native and visitor alike.

Site LanguageSabiñánigo ( 1950 visits so far )

Sabińánigo, which stands on the Gállego River, has it's origins in Roman times, when it was known as Ville of Sabiniano. You can still find some of the medieval monuments, such as the bell-tower, which was built in the XVI century, and the Town Hall, which was built in XVII century. If you visit the park, you can find a reconstruction of the presbytery, part of the ruins of the Church of Gavín. It is a superb example of Serrablese pre-Romanic architecture.

Site LanguageRiviera del Sol, Costa del Sol, Spain ( 3049 visits so far )

Whilst searching the world wide web, we could not find any web sites that could provide any comprehensive and easily accessible information, regarding amenities etc., in and around our urbanisation of Riviera del Sol. So we decided to publish a site for all visitors to this lovely part of the Costa del Sol, which should provide some useful information to help to make their stay a happy one. So please spend some time reading through all the pages on this website. They will give you a great insight as to what the Riviera del Sol and the surrounding area has to offer!

Site LanguageCampillos on the internet ( 4567 visits so far ) is a personal web page, set up as a portal of news and opinion for the Campilleras. It gives special attention to the cultural events, social events, fiestas, and local news of our area. The site does not have any political connections, not does it have connections with any commercial instution.

Site LanguageHuelva Directory in English ( 2161 visits so far )

The most comprehensive information for Huelva, in English.

Site LanguagePili Pala Press ( 1738 visits so far )

Pili Pala Press was founded in 1993, in order to publish walking guides to Spain and to Portugal. Pili Pala, for the uninitiated, is Welsh, and means butterfly (the clue is in the logo). We could tell you that we chose the name to reflect our love of nature, and our restless desire for travel, but to be honest, we just like the way it sounds. Pili Pala Press passionately cares about the environment. We are happy to put our money where our environmental mouth is. We always donate 4% of the cover price of each book sold, to environmental organizations which are working in Portugal and Spain.

Site Language Barcelona, Spain - absolutely online ( 2217 visits so far )

Barcelona is one of Spain's most popular cities. Located directly on the mediterranean sea with its many progressive and art nouveau buildings, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Many would say this metropolitan city is a jewel of the mediterranean. It boasts one of the busiest seaports in the World. Many cruiseships dock here and visitors are abundant from all over the globe. Many foreigners decide to move to Barcelona after a few visits. The expat community in Catalunya is quite large and diverse. The options for working and living in this city are endless. Some decide to spend a few months a year here, when it is cold back North and others even stay full-time.

Site LanguageRiba-Roja D'Ebre: the river and fishing ( 1845 visits so far )

The northern slope of the riverbank is physically different from the rest of the area: it is marked by the Riba-Roja reservoir, the forested spaces of San Francisco, and the Berrús mountain range. The Romanesque chapel in Berrús offers a magnificent view out over the land, water and sky. Come to the reservoir to fish: there is sheatfish, red mullet and tench. Settle at the fully equipped Riba-Roja campground or rent one of the Badia Tucana boats, which are practically floating apartments, able to accommodate an entire family.

Site LanguageBarcelona Travel Guide ( 2041 visits so far )

An essential Barcelona travel guide for planning your travel to Barcelona Spain. Free newsletter gives you insider tips from the locals

Site LanguageMojacar ( 2112 visits so far )

Mojacar is an engaging, beautiful and romantic corner of Spain, perched high on a hill white washed houses, cool courtyards and cobbled streets overlooking the sea and long sandy beaches. A focal point for artists and writers throughout the ages, Mojacar with its Moorish appearance and commanding views will fascinate, beguile and completely captivate you. Whether it is sailing, fishing, bowling, tennis, golf or watersports that take your fancy or simply relaxing on an uncrowded beach soaking up the sun, you will find it all and more in and around Mojacar. Once you have experienced the unique charm of Mojacar, it will always remain with you.

Site LanguageMarbella ( 2856 visits so far ) aims to link the Marbella community at Southern Spain, together with the growing internet community, allowing Marbella to be best known worldwide in the web, as well as giving internet users comprehensible tools for the Marbella behind the web best business finding. Internet is the best communication channel ever created. Distances and costs are roughly shortened while communications grow to a never ever known number. At Internet, Marbella has got no boundaries. At internet, there´s no limit.

Site LanguageDiscover AlcaucĂ­n ( 2046 visits so far )

Alcaucin is a chocolate-box pretty village, located 54 kilometres from Malaga and 25 kilometres from the coast at Torre del Mar. At an altitude of 510 metres, Alcaucin is situated on the lower western slope of La Maroma in the Sierra Tejeda mountain range. It lies within the area of Axarquia, on the scenic Route of Olive Oil and mountains, and has a population of 1,500. The nearby small village of Venta Baja is situated within the municipality of Alcaucin.

Site LanguageDirectory Spain ( 1681 visits so far )

The ultimate spanish information resource online - about spain travel, spain weather, maps of spain, holiday spain, golf spain, spanish directory, property spain

Site Language-guilas ( 2443 visits so far )

Oficina de Informaciľn TurÝstica de -guilas

Site LanguageThis is Costa Blanca ( 1725 visits so far )

The Costa Blanca in plain English - all the information you need to live on or visit the Costa Blanca. Daily local news, events, hotels, restaurants, what's on, flight information, satellite TV listings, property, rentals and much more...

Site LanguageMarinas Online Marina Directory ( 2721 visits so far )

Online Marina Directory featuring marinas from across the UK, Spain and the rest of the world as well as listings for local businesses, and marine products

Site LanguageWebcam at XĂ“bia (El Arenal) ( 2004 visits so far )

The town centre of XÓbia, on the Costa Blanca, is located a short distance from the seafront, nestling under the imposing gaze of Montgo; massif. The harbour is located under a cliff at the end of the broad coastal plain, and offers a full range of modern tourist services, accommodation and clean, transparent waters, with beaches that alternate with rocky coves all along this special part of the Costa Blanca, as we can see in this webcam at one of the cities most popular beaches.

Site LanguagePubli ( 2191 visits so far )

Everything about the town of Blanes. Shops, music, cinema, businesses, leisure, tourism, cars, relationships, clothes, the home, associations, web pages, clubs, friendship, discos, bars, culture, shows, radio, television.

Site LanguageThe British In Spain ( 2289 visits so far )

As an ex-pat who has literally screamed in pure frustration due to the lack of correct information available, I decided to offer free accurate information via this site. We are a non profit site, we do not sell or rent property, however we can provide you with a list of properties for sale or rent at your request.

Site LanguageWind Tarifa ( 2022 visits so far )

This web site had been designed for Tarifa and lovers of the Wind, the Sea and the Freedom. Tarifa is the southern city of European continent, located on the Strait of Gibraltar, the machine of wind.

Site LanguageEasy-to-Use Central Resource for English Language ( 2586 visits so far )

There are various ways you can find what you need on the SPAINMAGIC.COM web site. You can browse the advertisements in any of the 100+ classifications or you can use our powerful search engine to list just the ads that match your chosen keywords. We also provide an Advanced Search that lets you narrow-down your search to a particular geographical area, or to recently placed ads. You can also go straight to ads listed for a particular area of Spain by simply clicking on our Map of Spain.

Site LanguageCountry Study and Guide -- Spain ( 1591 visits so far )

Peninsular Spain covers 492,503 square kilometers. Spanish territory also encompasses the Balearic Islands (Spanish, Islas Baleares) in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands (Spanish, Canarias) in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the city enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa.

Site LanguageInformation about Granada Spain in English ( 2872 visits so far )

Granada en la Red is the largest, most visited, most up to date guide to Granada Spain containing over 500 pages of useful information for people who wish to visit Granada as a tourist or to stay a while. It is written by two English people who have lived in Granada for over 14 years.

Site LanguageAbla Almeria Andalucia ( 2202 visits so far )

The historical remains of this locality provide us with a great deal of information, especially about the Moorish revolt in the Alpujarras.

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