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Site Language Ayuntamiento of Llodio ( 612 visits so far )

Official website for the town of Llodio, with information about the surrounding area

Site Language Algeciras Ayuntamiento ( 589 visits so far )

The official site for the town hall of Algeciras. 

Site Language El Ejido Ayuntamiento ( 675 visits so far )

The official site of El Ejido town hall, with plenty of information about the town of El Ejido, and what is going on El Ejido.

Site Language Farajan Ayuntamiento ( 519 visits so far )

Farajan is located on the right bank of the River Genal, and is surrounded by the towns of Alpandeire, Atajate, Jubrique, and Júzcar.  The landscape of deep ravines, with streams flowing into the Genal, emphasise the trees which surround the valley.

As well as the chestnut trees, can be found oaks, cork, pine and some remnants of crops such as olive trees, almond trees, vineyards, and fruit orchards.

The village consists of low whitewashed houses, covered in the traditional Arabic tiles.  The most interesting building is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Site Language Ajuntament d'Alcudia ( 1497 visits so far )

Alcudia is one of the towns of Mallorca, with a history, a geography, and a remarkably dynamic lifestyle. It is a town where the history can be seen today: the Roman city of Poll?ntia, the two sections of walls, one medieval and one renassaince, together with so many other things, come together to make Alcudia especially attractive. Alcudia was founded as a home for King James II of Mallorca in the year 1325. Emperor Charles I granted it the tile of "The Faithful City" (some sections of the website are in English, some in Spanish)

Site Language Spanish Tax Agency ( 471 visits so far )

The Tax Agency is the public agency responsible for the management of the state tax system, and of Customs, as well as of the resources of other Administrations and national or of the European Union Public Entities. Since its inception, the Tax Agency had maintained a firm commitment of service to the general public, to facilitate the voluntary payment of the fiscal obligations, and so to channel the efforts of everyone towards better progress and welfare. Tax forms may be downloaded from here

Site Language Alhaurin El Grande council ( 810 visits so far )

Welcome to Alhaur?n el Grande, "el pueblo que yo so??" (the town which I dreamt of) in the words of Antonio Gala, or "The Garden of Allah" according to the arabs who visited us for eight centuries. Within these pages you can take a virtual visit of this white village of the Guadalhorce Valley. New technologies, and especially the internet, allow us to open this window to our world, and to show our landscapes, our customs, our festivals, our monuments and above all our people. We invite you to take this virtual trip to our part of the country, and we hope that it will serve to show a part of us.

Site Language Torrevieja Cultural ( 664 visits so far )

Torrevieja Municipal Department of Culture, listing events and happenings

Site Language US Social Security Administration on Spain ( 616 visits so far )

An overview of the Spanish social security system, from the US SSA

Site Language Citizens Signpost Service ( 520 visits so far )

Problems getting your diploma recognised or getting social security cover in another EU country? Do you need help with problems like these or advice on taking full advantage of your other rights in the EU and its Internal Market? The legal experts of the Citizens Signpost Service are waiting to hear from you.

Site Language Antequera ( 733 visits so far )

Antequera, a town situated at the main crossroads of the highways of Andalucia, has been, and still is, an obligatory route for travellers throughout the ages. Due to it's strategic position, it has been called "The heart of Andaluc?a"

Site Language Abla ( 61 visits so far )

Information about the town of Abla. Although the opening page was faulty when we added this link, some of the other links worked.

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