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Site LanguageSeabreeze - We´re making waves ( 1347 visits so far )

Free to join. Social site in Spain.

Site LanguageA Tale of Two Countries ( 1693 visits so far )

'Fear, lust and loathing in La Alpujarra' / 'Bored of Brighton' - a blog from a single mother with a penchant for irony and humour.

Site LanguagePoco Pelo ( 1327 visits so far )

La web para los que tienen poco pelo ,sin pelo ni injertos de pelo se vive muy feliz. For those who are folically challenged...

Site LanguageMove to The Costa Blanca ( 1557 visits so far )

The story of Tony and Sandra Piddock's experiences in Spain. The aim of the site is to inform from personal experiences and. hopefully, to entertain. Move to the Costa Blanca takes a lighter look at life on the Costas and aims to cover all aspects of life in Spain.

Site LanguageBuilding a house in the Eastern Alpujarras ( 1768 visits so far )

The pages are organised chronologically, starting with a description of Canjayar, where we are now living. There follows a description of the finca (farm) that we have brought and the building of our new cortijo (house).

Site LanguageBig Fun in a tiny pueblo ( 3120 visits so far )

Rebekah Scott, USA newspaper journalist, moved in June 2006, together with her English husband Paddy, to a tumbledown farming compound in the tiny town of Moratinos, in rural Palencia, Spain. They live on the Camino de Santiago, which is a pilgrim path that has been walked by millions of people, over thousands of years. The place is perfect for thos who are interested in learning what they are about and how to be. It can be hard and lonesome sometimes, but Rebekah considers herself the most fortunate person on the planet. She found her dream, and she is working hard to make it reality...and it's happening.

Site LanguageBat Masters' page ( 2082 visits so far )

Some countries are catalyst nations, influencing the way the rest of the world measures 'A life well lived'. Spain is undoubtedly one of them, and the reason I live here. Over the centuries, its explorers, painters and craftsmen have given global culture everything from Picasso to a whole new continent. As well as sherry, flamenco and fine horses.

Site LanguageNueva Andalucia Life ( 3646 visits so far )

I live with my husband and two year old daughter in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain. We holiday in Portugal and have linked to my favourite places.

Site LanguageToledo, La Mancha and Windmills ( 1956 visits so far )

Our last stage of our adventure was La Mancha and Toledo - deep into Quixote territory. It is tough to overemphasise how much an influence the Ingenious Hidalgo has had on this area - especially in this the 400th anniversary of the first edition. We apologise for the number of windmill photos but we loved these ones too much to discard. Toledo is an interesting city built on steel and the Church (sometimes together) until Madrid became more significant. It still is rich in history - and some great food shops.

Site LanguageMark WiIkinson's Home Page ( 1584 visits so far )

PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, ANDI Complete Safe Air Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor

Site LanguageA British expatriates website ( 2148 visits so far )

I am a British citizen now living permanently on the Costa Blanca in Spain, This home page leads to other sites dealing with my various activities and interests.

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