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Site Language Brian Horton - Freelance Naval Historian and Resea ( 1227 visits so far )

Brian Horton is a freelance naval historian, consultant and researcher. A published authority on warships of the Napoleonic era, and Frigates of the 1850's. Brian Horton has co-operated in the writing of several books and papers about the Royal Navy, Ships and the sea.

Site Language Spanish Revolution of 1936 ( 774 visits so far )

When Franco's fascist troops invaded Spain in July 1936 with the purpose of overthrowing the young and unstable Republic, the Spanish working class responded by making a revolution that went much further toward realizing the classless and stateless ideal of proletarian socialism than any preceding popular revolt. From a US point of view.

Site Language Spain the Forgotten War Remembered ( 744 visits so far )

The Spanish Revolution was the most important social revolution of the 20th Century. Even Leon Trotsky noted that it surpassed the Russian Revolution as a truly "proletarian revolution". Today unfortunately it is seen as a historical blip, if it is even considered at all, coming prior to WWII.

Site Language Castle Pioz ( 954 visits so far )

Castle Pioz lies in a quiet village of the same name in south of the province of Guadalajara in Spain.

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