Put your event online once, and forget about it

You can add your event, with a few lines of description, about where and when, how much, etc. at no cost.

You can add pictures - perhaps of previous events, or what's on offer, or the venue, or logos, (almost!) whatever you want - complete with pop-ups of the images, to show details

Your event will appear on the page for the town where it is taking place, and on the pages for the surrounding towns as well so it's easy for visitors and residents alike to see what is on in, and around, that town. There are many other events on the site, making it one of the best sources of Local Information available. With so much information there, you can be sure people are looking there to see what's on.

Sometimes your event will also appear various on other pages, sometimes even the home page. All automatic, nothing for you to do once you have entered it.

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If your event is repeated, just tell us how often, and we will update it at the relevant time, automatically. You can set your events to every week (Every Sunday, Every Thursday), to repeat every month (3rd of every month, last Wednesday of every month), or to repeat every year (3rd Saturday in June each year). And if your 'repeat cycle' isn't available from our extensive list, let us know, and we will add it for you

Your event will automatically disappear after it is completed. No events in the past ever appear. And you don't have to do anything, it's automatic.

If your event lasts for a longer time, we will ask you to confirm that the event is still happening, by sending you an email with a simple link to click, to ensure that we are only showing up-to-date information.

All kinds of events are welcome, commercial or private, as long as they are open to the general public.

hotcosta is a site about , and only events which are taking place in will be accepted for listing. Hot Costa reserves the right to refuse to list events for any reason.

To add your events, all you need is to register and then follow a few simple instructions

Ask any questions here via our messaging system